On the photo to the right is a composition roof shingle roof . The roof is only 2 years old  but this goes to show no matter the age of the roof maintenance is a necessity. This customer did not have no idea this was going on his building. If you see the middle vent is full of lint from a laundry dryer. Once we showed him it all made sense, he said that he had gone through 3 repairs and one new dryer. Had he had a maintenance program in place we would have caught this way earlier. 

Once you inquire about an assessment we start by taking one or more core samples if needed. Core samples will tell us the history of your building or facility. Not all roofs are the same for instance a typical roof and a cold storage are two different breeds of buildings for a samples. The 2nd step will be identify all all problem areas  from pipe penetrations , skylights , wall flashing , equipment on the roof , tenant improvements and ect. The 3rd step is the over all of building and all your needs also your plans with it and finally a solution that fits you.

Maintenance programs is a great way to keep your building up and running profitable with no down time.

Just once a year check-up can go long ways on the future . Study shows that on a typical building a maintenance programs can extent the life of the roof by 5 years in some cases even 10 years. Being proactive can safe you big bucks.

The photo to the right is a building that is restore with a fluid applied roofing system. In this case we visit 2 solutions a new or a restoration and the best fit was a restoration. This roof is a 10 year system for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Did not have did not have no obstructions with current occupants that means no crazy phone calls to the owner from his tenant. The restoration system is one of best roofing solutions when you need a new roof and you are not look to spend a arm and leg for it.